From a design standpoint, the wind stalks introduces the concept of harvesting energy that is not only efficient but also interesting to look at. While windmills are giant and fast moving in all of their glory, the wind stalks are more meaningful to human history. Grain was the first farmed food by humans and it was a game changer for the structure of civilizations. The farming alone raised the average life expectancy by 5 years. Residence of the newly formed villages could absorb and use all of the energy they needed to grow stronger and live longer. So I find it really awesome that electricity, the resource that was another significant game changer for community growth, is now mocking the first.

The designers have recreated the role of wheat stalks swaying in the wind. It’s this constant movement that makes the stalks stronger and produce more energy. Like all good designs in my opinion, this is a great example of designing a natural process to be good at what it’s already good at.