I was looking over the Core 77 website today and stumbled on a project that this other company called the Bressler Group is working on. On their works page I found this mouse trap re-design. Why the mouse trap? Why do we need designer mouse traps? After reading the article found here I believe it’s not the mousetrap that was important to re-design. It was the process of making it and where it came from that is. By re-thinking what was important in the manufacturing of the mouse trap, certain physical features of it were also re-designed. Combining these two aspects, made the trap cheaper to produce, thus bringing production back to the U.S. In the entire process I believe this was the most significant part of the age old trick of luring and catching those squeaky little rodents.

Bringing production back to the U.S. does a few note worthy things. Creates jobs at the factory level. Because, of the inexpensive and eco friendly methods designed by the Bressler Group the mouse trap uses 20% less cardboard and no longer uses the plastic bubble packaging. There is no shipping cost from China like before with this product and thanks to form following function, the trap looks a little nicer if you ask me!

So why not re-design the mouse trap? It wasn’t made to re-think how we catch mice. It’s a great example of how design can save more than money. You don’t always have to fix something that is broken as a designer.