Image from Minimal Home

Once again I find furniture that reflects my personal aesthetic. Pieces that accomplish what I strive to complete in furniture design. I’ll start by describing the shape I appreciate most about this chair. In the reclined position as seen in the photo on the left, it uses what I call the skate ramp form. Where to surface the user is sitting in resembles a ramp. I get a lot of criticism for using this shape in my designs. People tell me, it won’t be comfortable or that someone would just slide right out of it. When in reality, I use this shape because I have had good experiences sitting on ramps, even sleeping on them. When I was a teenager, I had a half pipe in my back yard. My friends and I would skate on it during the day and sleep outside on it at night. Wrapped up in a sleeping bag, it was really comfortable.

The factor that makes this shape a comfortable one is the position of the forces being put on the person using the chair. While there is a force pushing on your back, because of the curve, there is also one pushing somewhere in the thigh region. This gives the feeling of being cradled. In a relaxed positions, you are laying in a gently curved state with the natural ergonomics of the curve supporting you. It is actually possible to sleep on your side in this chair’s position.

In the upright position, I think the chair looks really refined. The large race inspired curves protruding from the top of the back, balance the chair’s bottom half in completing the curve the chair is designed around. Because of that form requirement, I personally wouldn’t even need the speakers to be there in order to include this feature in my design. I think this style of seat would look best in a light or dark gray room. The chairs I have designed that look like this are made for a gaming setting or futuristic looking entertainment set up as portrayed in picture with a T.V. I’ve included a concept of mine to the left that relates to this chair’s design.