Sometimes when I’m exploring the various design blogs/ sites in the “Design” bookmarks folder, I come across something that just makes me say, “that’s what I’m talking about!”. Here, look at this.

Fourth photo down, the way that the light enters the room. It is so characteristic of the architecture. That is what I’m looking for in inspiration. The contrast of the light and dark wood on the outside and how it flows with the texture created by space in between the boards creates memory to an uppercase T! It’s like you’re looking at this being made of dark ridged planks that is kind of private. But there is this gash or opening with large doors at the bottom that is inviting you inside of the being. Looking at the inside of this house and how it compares to the outside, I’m kind of expecting this thing to breath and flex with the movement involved in this.

The back is a little chaotic, but that is not say that it is disorganized. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. And in this case, the whole is the order of the sum of the parts.