tyler I have an obsession with the future. However I can customize life in all aspects to satisfy this obsession I will. I’ve jump started a career in web design only to be intercepted by another interest called the Internet of Things. I find my ability to think about the origin and take a, “why build this” approach adds meaning to my ideas and value to the teams I work with. I like it when work doesn’t seem like a 9 – 5 but rather a checkpoint throughout my day of conceptualizing and growth. I’m always looking for ways to design that don’t involve staring at a screen and I don’t like when our connectivity is strictly rooted to the smartphone. I like the idea of creating more output from our devices with less input from ourselves and therefore force myself to consider each and every step in activity centered design. I hope to one day work on projects that don’t just add cool features to peoples lives, but rather change how they live.