Nendo is a Japanese design company that builds industrial design. Their concept behind designing is what I find most appealing about this company. The full description can be found on their concept page here.

The “!” moment they describe is what I call a “wow” moment. There are a lot of different things that provide this moment yet, it is still a rare occurrence in my everyday experiences. I find the wow moment in movies, cool stunts, music, and innovation in technology and user experience. When I see a movie on Netflix that I find a wow moment in, I save that movie and don’t delete it from my queue after I’ve watched it. This is because, no matter how many times I’ve seen the film, a good wow moment will last a repeat in it’s experience. The most common genre of music I find the wow moment in is electronic music. There are a few guitar players that have given me the sensation of a wow moment but the most common occurrence is in electronic music. Electronic music uses computers, which can produce an amazing kind of sound from a lot of different sources, making the music, computational in nature. There is point at which it builds up with a steady beat and then releases a wave of wow.

Another place I find this wow moment is in interactive art installations. One that comes to mind is the scene on a street with a USB port in the middle of a wall where anyone can take and give using this one USB port. Maybe there is not a lot of important use to this, and even that is based on ones own truths, but there is sense of innovation and difference in this idea than most that I find. Nendo strives to create this in all of its designs, making them stand out from the crowd of commonness. If there is one thing I take away from visiting their site on a regular basis, is that you have to be what you are trying to sell.

Not a lot changes on a day to day basis on this site, but there is still this wow moment when I go there an explore a little more each day. It has this sensation, and I think it shows a sign of strong company doing really good things in the design world. I want to follow in their footsteps and create designs that bring the same wow factor I look for in all aspects of life’s experiences. The most intense experiences we can have are intense because you let them alter your senses. You have to be open to these experiences in order for them to happen. I think in a way, this is who I want to design for rather than why I want to design for.