Sitting on a couch or rather, in a couch is a pretty comfortable thing to do. Unless you are using your laptop while sitting in it. Looking through the Design Milk web blog, I found this post. A couch that has strategically placed slits that fit the custom made personal counters. The reason I think this idea is so innovative and brilliant is that sitting at a desk working all day is the one thing I find to get uncomfortable about my job. Having the ability to switch to the couch every now and then would be great!

Hocky-5 Hocky-8

Without sitting in this couch and trying it for myself, I can’t say whether it works great or not. Looking at the pictures above, the counter still looks a little far away to allow for stress free use. Besides this minor observation, I could see this setup being great for large offices and living rooms.

It’s no secret that the dynamic of the family living room is changing. Laptops, phones, video games, T.V. are all major attraction when entering a living room. We also tend to eat in this same place since most of what is happening in our lives is happening in this room, on these devices. Which is why I like the top of the second picture. It looks like the removable counters and the grooves they fit into have been carefully measured so that you can have two counters in front of you instead of one. According to the article, they also can be used on the side of the couch as an arm rest. Something that is puzzling me is, where do you store these large wooden removable counters when you have a group of people over. Unless it’s a laptop party, there is no visible solution.