Sitting on a flat glass chair could seem a little strange and also seem a little un-trusting. Thinking of the worse case scenario of the glass breaking and cutting you or flexing under your weight. The photo (which was taken from here), shows this I-Beam chair from a side or slightly angled profile view. First off, the simplicity of material and build of the chair creates a modern look. It would be the center of attention for most rooms, but if added with the other two pieces found on the site, they would make up the mood for the room. In the photo it shows the chair in a light gray room with nothing around it. While it shows off the chair, it is probably not the most common setting for a lounging chair. But what if you did use this chair in a similar setting as the photo.

If you had a room you could designate to this piece of furniture and this piece only, I think you could create a unique experience. Entering the room with no intentions but to sit in this chair. Looking at the walls around you, there are no distractions. The ambient light that glows on the gray paint creates a dream like atmosphere. You could be completely in your head and thinking of so many things. The thoughts would be organic and have no influence other than what you remember. You would have a feeling of oneness as it is just you in the room.

While you could possible do this with any chair in an open room, I think the inviting position that this chair holds makes a large difference. The color contrast of the room and the chair also puts a very center focus on the chair and especially its smooth sleek design. To me, it seems futuristic, as if this chair holds the power to offer new experiences.