A new line of fine modern designed furniture is out, and it’s designed in part by Brad Pitt. It reminds me of his Oceans days… Super refined with large obsurities in the natural geometry we are all used to seeing in fine furniture. The pictures, which I took from this article from Architectural Digest, show a really refined theme through out the furniture. The bends in the bottom of the chair will go with the practical arch on the bottom half of the bed. The wood color of the bed goes nicley with the polished steel feet that take up the space that curve creates. I especially like the cross supports in the interior of the bed frame. What struck the most interest in me though was this chair on the left.

With all of its out of place curves and dips, it just looks a little, like a toilet. A very nice toilet but none the less, the shiny white finish with it’s dips down below make it seem like it should be placed in the bathroom. However, that being said, I like it a lot. I think it’s funny to thing about the movie Fight Club when looking at these pieces. Think about the recruits in the basement making soap and attaching bombs to history museums, meanwhile, Brad Pitt is upstairs, taking a nap in his new white freshly designed chair. It makes a lot of sense having an actor design furniture. Especially one as seasoned as Brad Pitt. Because when you think about how many movies he has been in where furniture has been chosen or paid for to be specifically put in a movie, I’m sure he has seen it all. How many interiors/ settings does a movie use? A lot, which in turn gives Brad Pitt a ton of exposure to professionally designed spaces.

There is one thing I have to bring up in the end of all of this. The two chairs shown to the left are ones that I drew about 1.5 years ago. I have a few more, and they all have a common theme. The curve at the bottom and the cover curve towards the top. So I guess what I can conclude here is that Brad Pitt and I have the same taste in furniture. Working with a top designer I could only hope to come up with something as refined yet out spoken as the white chair shown.

The two I drew were made very early in my design education and after seeing the ones Brad Pitt had a part of, I’m excited to try designing chairs again. The final in my Into to Computational Design class is to design a chair. There will certain requirements that may influence the design a bit, but I’m going to make a sub objective of playing to my personal aesthetic. I will post the progress of that project in later posts. For now though, I am definitely interested in seeing what else the Hollywood star can design.