Not my work, the artist is this guy
I thought this picture was interesting for a few reasons. It’s made using that app I use for all of my notes and sketches – Paper. The fact that it is a really good piece of art is one aspect you can look at. But I started thinking about the details. The way that each one of the different pens make different textures and serifs or trails. This detail of each tool is strictly bound to a set of rules and generate the same “kind” of texture each time, but to a different degree depending on how fast or what angle the user makes their stroke.
So in the sense that we previously needed to spend years “learning” the morphogenic properties of paint to be an artist, simple generated rules like in this app have quite obviously made fine art easier to pic up. I don’t personally know this persons credentials as far as being an artist, but the iPad hasn’t been around as long as it would take someone to be skilled enough to make the same picture using physical mediums.