I finally got it. A job as a web developer where I can sit at a computer and test, write, discover, and style all the HTML I could ever want to. WordPress is my drug of choice, and what an addictive drug it can be. Enough about drugs, lets talk about the work life of a creative like myself in a cubicle like the one I’m siting in right now.

I’m a full time web designer for a food analytic company in Seattle, WA. What this means is that I am not in a design studio or surrounded by creativity that inspires new forward thinking designs. I’m in the corner of a tech department for a relatively large company doing design work. I do it all, the drawing, strategy, coding, styling, packaging, logos, letterheads, PowerPoint templates, there is always work for me to do, and I really enjoy doing it. However, the fact is, this is a quiet, gray, and overall boring environment for someone like me to be trapped in. I say, “someone like me” not because of my superior ability to brainstorm and ask the right questions. I say it because I want and need more stimulation from an environment to inspire the UX I strive to create. I’m trying to get away from web design as a markup artist and drive myself into the UX // UI side of things.

My co-workers are great, nice, and easy to work with. We are all good at our jobs and self-motivated to do the work required and then some. But it’s quiet in here, the dominant color is gray and covered with the cubicle walls. I’ve learned over the last 3 months, here where I work currently, I cannot rely on this space to motivate my designs. It’s a never ending task to stay out of the creativity slump and surround myself with well designed things. So I have come to rely on you, the social internet.

I just have to say, that you have done a spectacular job of keeping someone such as my self creative. Music, visuals, critiques, new ideas, reports on old ideas, and technology… oh beautiful technology. It’s all here, on the internet. I arrive to work, turn on my computer, switch on the monitors and click on the first few tabs in my bookmarks bar, opening a world of, now, there, and looking ahead.

It’s fair to say that a select few sites, Medium, Twitter and Facebook, are my gateways to a creative office. Meaning, the internet has become my environment where I must go to reach this sense of adequate stimulation for my ideal creative space.

Since I’ve started working here, I’ve Tweeted, liked, posted, read and written more than I ever have. I’ve explored more pages, blogs, and articles than I thought I every would in a single hour. It’s not a waste of time if it’s necessary, and it is. The fact that this office space cannot provide the environment I require to continually produce the work I am praised for is enough reason for me to continue exploring all that the socially immersed world wide web has to offer. The bigger part of all this is that I get to contribute to the environment I so heavily rely on and it’s very rewarding.

You could say that I shouldn’t rely strictly on the internet for my creative research or inspiration, and overall I would agree. Getting out and experiencing people, the real world, and finding problems to solve is most desirable. Soon, maybe I won’t have to, but for now it is interesting to see just how much I have accomplished by doing so. tylersavin.com is getting a record amount of traffic, I write on Medium, I’m active in a Twitter community that shares meaningful, useful Tweets, and I run a couple of Facebook pages. I have projects I’m working on outside of school and work that I personally take a lot of pride in, and this is mainly because of the inspiration I get from interacting with the people on these sites.

I’m a competitive person, and seeing all of the work that thousands of you put out each day onto the internet, combined with my self motivated efforts to produce design work, collaborate into an infinite source of creative power. I’ll make anything, work on anything, and have something to say about anything. And I can do it all from inside this 8×8 cubicle. Thinking of what it’s like outside of this gray box is stimulating to say the least, and gives me one of those distracted thoughts of ,”what the future holds” moments. Thank You Internet, thank you community. I couldn’t do it with out you.