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This is such a cool design and for this major reason. This sofa incorporates so many of the design theory principles I have learned about over the last year. This design is natural, parametric, responsive, emergent, it has duration, and memory all built into the design. As a direct output of the thoughts of the designer, the waves create different size “humps” creating the form of the sofa. Who knows what the person was thinking about when this design was made, or if it was even a person. The original post described the shape as being directly related to opening and closing the eyes. After seeing this sofa, there are so many different things I could think to use this technology for. But I’ll stick to furniture for this post.

That large hump on the left is what I find most interesting. With a little practice I would hope that a desired output is reachable with the brain wave reader. Maybe you want just a chair, and you need a much taller hump so you think of something that requires a lot of brain stimulation. Or maybe this is a bench that fits under something and you need it to be flat but sill want it to reflect your thoughts. The cool part about this is that the design is a response to your thoughts. Meaning if you want a piece of furniture that technically responds to an environment, you could immerse yourself there and think about the environment for the furniture. Think about the form of the room, the colors, the light, and how it makes you feel in that particular moment when you are only concentrating on the room. Furnish a whole house this way // responsive house.

No one could ever design this couch without technology like the EEG machine. The parameters set into the machine are of course programmed by a human, and so are the thoughts, but the output of information created by the brain waves is only found in the brain of the designer. And to “think of” or repeat the same design over again seems nearly impossible. Maybe the couch reflects a good night with friends, or a bad night with an ex. To me this is one of the coolest ways to document your thoughts. After being built, the furniture acts as a way to sit on that thought, and reminisce about it. Maybe you give it as a gift and say, this is what I think about you. What else could you make with it?