How many cell phones are there to choose from? The average user gets to choose a new phone every two years. Some may buy a new one every month. what do you do with the old one? Hopefully donate it. I’ve been to houses that have a drawer in the kitchen that is full of the portable devices that seem to get smaller as time goes on. In the last year though, I have seen cell phones become larger. Include a case around your iPhone and it’s not actually that small anymore Who gets to design these? Not the consumer… Have you ever been completely satisfied with a cell phone?

The photo shows a project completed by the MIT Media Lab called DIY Cellphone. With the prototype consisting of about $150 in parts, the current model of their open source kit is far from being comparable to today’s smart phone. But this is a step in the right direction as far as sustainability  usability and creativity. What other devices can use this method of giving the user complete control over the look and feel of their device. Hopefully making us happier with what we spend our money on a ultimately consume less. View the article here MIT Media Lab // DIY Cellphone