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Today I get to criticize the 2012 Olympics logo. What does it look like? I’ve been trying to figure out what the figure is! The original design was published in 2007 and was very heavily criticized. Reports of seizures, complexity, and even cultural misunderstandings surrounded the abstract font displaying the year 2012. At first glance and even second, third, and fourth, I still didn’t know what the logo was. It wasn’t actually until I decided to post a blog entry about it that I actually saw the numbers 2012 written out in the logo. I really like the colors, and now that I see the numbers, I really like the logo, but after all I went though to finally see what the graphic represented, I have to ask a few questions.

First of all, am I being too critical? This is important because of all of the graphics and logos we see every day. Maybe it is a great thing that the logo is abstract and causes me to really have to look and study it in order to see what lies below the surface of the straight edges and bright colors. Sure there are many other directions this logo could have gone that would scream the Olympics a lot more. But to stand out and have a unique look was far more important in this scenario I conclude. Being how London is the first country to hold the modern Olympics 3 times, there should be something different about it. Third time’s the charm right? In a time when logos cost nearly nothing to acquire, thought it is extremely abstract to most people, I think this stands out from the crowd of most logos and is something special when it comes to design.