• Enhance the ability for companies to advertise through an increasingly difficult mobile platform
  • Promote currently showing movies
  • Increase traffic to the movie theater
  • Incorporate essences of the advertised movies into the interactive experience
  • Make the form of the kiosk important to the users experience

Target Venues

While Twitter is also used in the advertising platform the kiosk creates, Facebook is the primary social networking site used in promotion. As of February 2012 the site has 845 million users. These users share 250 million photos a day, and most importantly, “like or comment on friends posts 2.7 billion times a day. This is the second most used site on the internet falling short of only Google’s search engine. Advertising in this method is virtually free and reaches an enormous audience.

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. Indonesia
  4. Brazil
  5. Mexico


screens active_changing


Uses changes in ambient light, sound, and focus of the user to create intervals in the experience. The amount of light showing through the clouds from the sun determines the overall brightness of the experience.

Ambient Light

ambient2 ambient1


The pictures to the left show how ambient light changes the experience for the user. As the yellow light moves around the kiosk showing which panel is active, the user experiences different levels of yellow light compared to blue light. The cloudiness of the light in each picture is to show a spot where the lights are weaving together.



When a user checks in or likes using Facebook, that data is saved. The physical memory appears when that data is shown on the screen when another related user does the same action.
EXAMPLE – You check into the kiosk on Saturday. On Sunday, a friend of yours from Facebook checks into the same kiosk. Data is displayed showing you have been there along with any of their other friends who have also checked in.

Material, Texture, Space // Form

screens_cables_layout look_day_night

  • Made of four panels.
  • Each is made of electric frosted glass which can be made opaque or clear by electrical charge.
  • Each panel has a space on each side, separating it from the other panels.
  • The back light is only active during the day because of how it is lit.

Between The Panels


In order for a panel to be considered completely inactive, the panel to the left and right are both deactivated as well. Only when the top of the panel glows yellow is it active.
When the panel becomes inactive, the glass in between the panel and the one next to it becomes clear. Exposing the fiber optic cable running below, this shows the life or immortality of the object which depends on the current time of day (day or night).
This feature, in essence, is incorporating outside elements inside of the experience. During the day, the spaces in between panels would light up when inactive (LIFE). At night, even though the experience is still “on” the spaces between the panels would be dark though ambient light around the user would allow the fiber optics to be seen (IMMORTALITY).

The Source


The top of the kiosk is made of solar panels to power the screens and the effects showing on them. In the center there is an opening for the fiber optic cables to collect the light which then descends down throughout the kiosk.

The Experience

log_in (1) start_screen

Upon signing into the welcome screen by checking into the theater on Facebook, the user is shown some information as well as given some options. By hitting “Find Them” the screen will display a list using the profile pictures of the corresponding friends and what movies they have bought tickets for. Showing how many of their friends have “liked” the same movie the user can ultimately invite them to the movie.Pressing start at the bottom of the screen opens the experience.

realtionships pinch_pull

The forces making objects react to one another, permeate between them. Relationships between objects are abstract to the user and leave a lot to interpretation. Only when a panel is active can it manipulate the objects. Quick moving objects across multiple panels would create an ambient strobe effect. Objects may disappear, making the next action free of influences.

empty flying_across_screens

While one user is interacting with the active screen, the other users can watch what is happening on their screen. Interpretation of the users will differ when deciding what to do next since there are many relationships permeating on the screen. Overall, there is a story that plays out between the objects. No matter what path the group takes or how they interact with the things on-screen, the ending of their story is always the same. Though the amount of light inside of the booth determined by the sun will affect the group’s perception and overall experience of what occurred.

The Kiosk // Nest V.S. A Shell // Essence

There is a routine of returning to the kiosk whenever you visit the movie theater. Since the experience is perceived very differently depending on whether it is night or day, the urge to return and experience the opposite would be likely. The outside elements such as clouds and sun are physically woven into the kiosk via the fiber optics. Using nature to build a structure that emits what it is made of is an innovative and green approach to building. Lastly, the user leaves a trace of there being there. After checking in, the information collected is visible to the next mutual friend that uses the kiosk on the welcome screen.

Input by the users creates a change in the environment of the kiosk. It changes the lighting, and the data being output onto the screens. Though each person’s interaction with the objects would be different, the end of the experience is the same every time. Just like the in the Matrix, outside elements (light and people) are introduced and used to manipulate the “inside experience”. By using the kiosk, there is also an alteration of the Facebook platform (a virtual space).