Towards the end of 2012 I started developing a strategy to address one of the biggest challenges in online marketing. Advertising on mobile devices using the Facebook platform. I think it was the night before Thanksgiving when Charlie Rose interviewed Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Andreessen. The things they were saying about needing this and needing that. “We have this many users now, and this is what we know they want.”

“It’s about being transparent in what we do.”

I was on the edge of my seat in awe, thinking to myself, “this is what I’ve been working on.” It was as if everything they described as a problem was exactly what I had designed a solution for. I made it a goal to get my ideas heard by someone within Facebook, anyone that would listen. I tried emailing both of these people directly on LinkedIn, posting some teasers in job resumes, and even messaging employees directly over Facebook. I fell short, very short. I made one contact on Facebook, and they didn’t even work there anymore.

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I decided that if Facebook wasn’t going to hear about this, then maybe I had to pursue it on my own. With the rest of the time I had in the entrepreneurial course I was in, I built a business plan and 3 minute pitch. I loved it and so did some other people. They said, things like, “you sound passionate about this,” and “cool idea!” I started thinking that I’ve definitely got something here.

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The following months and well into the new year (2013) I read article after article of company after company incorporating little pieces of my strategy into their own online marketing. I was sometimes even scared that I was going to jump on Twitter one day and read a blog post from a company that announces the launch of my idea. Because at this point, I was calling it, “my idea”. I was aware of companies like Klout, Ripl, TBG etc. and followed their progress closely. But none of them were hitting my plan’s the nail on the head. They all used the same algorithmic approach to creating a path for their ads or how they target influence then offered a robust analytic program. I love their branding and they seem effective, but I know there is room for one more.

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