Hawk Eye Table


Last year, was all about learning how to: create, design, learn, and ultimately figure out what design means. Starting today, I’m hitting the ground running. Here is a list of things I am setting up to accomplish in the design field.

  • Get a job that relates to design in some way. No more pizza, no more stocking shelves. I have worked hard, still am, and I’m ready to produce my ideas.
  • Design something physical. I want to make one of my designs. So far, I have made concepts on the computer, sketches, and written content for designs, now I’m at the point where I need to feel my work. I want to look at the accomplishment.
  • Continue to incorporate new HTML5 and CSS3 techniques into this website. New ideas come out every week that inspire me to start changing things up. If you have followed my site over the last year or year and a half, I’m sure you’ve noticed the drastic changes I’ve made.
  • Finally, I want to work on and find my personal aesthetic. I’ve learned a lot of different design disciplines and for the most part, I believe you can find characteristics that “say” Tyler Savin some where in them. But I want to make a name for myself. In the words of Jay-Z, “I’m not a business man, I’m a business man!”

The photo above shows a few of the most recent iteration sketches I have made for a table I call the Hawk Eye. I plan on continuing with this design and drawing it a lot more. I find the more I draw it, the more it evolves. And really, thats just what we need in the design world. To keep moving forward, evolution. In 2012, I saw so many table, chair, dresser  shelf, and overall great interior designs that played to my modernistic, minimalistic eye. I think when looking at the future of design, and designs for the future, “design should be simple”. If you make it simple, there is less to criticize, there is less you want/ can change. In such a wasteful consumer economy, we need designs that will last a really long time, physically and aesthetically. A table probably won’t become obsolete, but the style will “die” as fashion trends evolve and move forward.

In 2013, I want to design around this concept of simplicity. The interaction between my design and the user should be what creates that “!” moment as inspired by Nendo. Allowing the design to communicate it’s use through it’s form is my goal as a designer. Doing otherwise, would be to distract from the object its self.

The other side of my design aesthetic is in a marketing sense. Throughout 2012, I have found that a lot of the concepts I have learned and applied to industrial design and interaction design, can be very effectively applied to online marketing. This idea of building a relationship between the company and the customer that is more transparent than not, is a concept that I have focused on a lot lately and will continue to do so for some time. I have been indirectly told by some very big names in online marketing that now is the time for exploration and experimentation. We are in a transition stage with social media adapting to a mobile platform and the marketing must adjust as well.

For all the times when I feel that design is not moving forward and we are just repeating the same concepts over and over, there are an equal amount of times when I can look at the new problems or issues that arise and say, “there is a better way”. And instead of just making a better way, I’ll try and make THE way. I think that is a good way of looking at what a good designer can do. They don’t just make a new, better, cooler looking design. Their design is the definition of it’s function.