• Design a parametric chair
  • Incorporate geometric, dimensional, and relational constraints.
  • Develop a concept that will parametrically modify the chair into three separate functions
  • Functions should include: work, leisure, and dining.

The Parameters

The parameters were built using Grasshopper, a plug in for the Rhino 3D modeling software. Using these parameters, I was able to modify the position of different points that made up my forms. Because I connected the forms and the parameters that controlled them, changing one parameter, affects more than just the point being controlled. This creates a dynamic modification of the form creating more emergent designs.

Original Concept


The original concept for the final forms I created was this C shaped form. The Original C was made using 3 – 3 point arches connected with lofts. The small upside down C sitting next to the larger C is connected, thus preventing the large C from rolling. From here, I had my parameters set and ready to be manipulated.

Dining Chair

Dining Chair

The dining chair has a futuristic design that was conceived from the original arch. By pulling the 2 outside bottom points up and the two outside top points down, the dining C chair was born. The smaller C was then pulled into position to act as a stand for the chair and raise it to the height of a dining room table.

Work Chair


The work chair is only a slightly modified version of the original C. The top was shortened in length and height, and the back was pulled in. The smaller C was brought to the center and pulled over to where the lap of the user would be. This would create a small desk that rest comfortably in position for easy use of a laptop, drawing board, or other desk space.


For Your Leisure


The lounge chair is designed for leisure use. It creates an environment of its own as the user sits into it. You really do sit “into” this chair. While it does block some of your vision to the surroundings of the chair, it creates a feeling of privacy. Because of its enclosed design, distractions are decreased from the surrounding space.

To make this design, I pulled the outside bottom points of the arks to be slightly higher than the outside top points. The smaller C was once again placed under the center of the chair creating a stand so that the round edges don’t roll.