Skate App is a self started project I used to accomplish two things. Design a social network and sponsor tool for skaters, and try Adobe’s new design/prototyping tool Adobe XD. After completing the user flow chart and wireframes, I mocked up the site and turned it into a simple prototype to show my skater/tester friends. Check it out here

The app is currently in development by me, using the BuddyPress platform on WordPress. Below is some process documentation.

Brainstorming Solutions

I learned through speaking with some old friends of mine who still skate and a potential business partner at the time, that skaters appreciate story telling through media and being social. So I want Skate App to make this aspect of their career easy. Because I also want this to build some revenue, I started concepting out ways I can add useful premium features to a common social network type platform.

Information Architecture Start

I also tried another new program this time around call I thought it would be important to map out where the premium features would be discovered and how they could link between the two personas, amateur skater and company sponsors. This map would also help in reminding me the relationships I thought of between the free and premium features.

Skater Profile

Next I jumped into Adobe XD and started wire framing, then creating the basic visual identity of the app. This is what I’ve shown to my skater tester friends and what I’m basing changes off of.

Skater Activity Feed