Smartsheet is project management application used to manage deadlines, aspects of a project, timelines, and overall help with the task management. The feature I like the most about this app is the fact that it is an online application. The fact that it is free to get started is kind of nice, but being an online app changes the connectivity a user has to their project.

Online apps are popular these days and for good reason. If there is no download required for the use of the app, there is no syncing needed between the multiple devices you may want to use the app on. Meaning, you can access the software from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

Other popular apps that use this system are, Google Docs, Facebook, and Twitter. In these apps, the information and changes you make are stored on a server. In addition to this convenient feature, you can invite others to work in the app with you by providing log in information. This opens up the possibility to work and collaborate with others around the world, all without having to download and sync any information.

The collapsible menu system is familiar and looks easy to use. The timeline on the right side of your app uses an easy slide in and slide out system to manage allotted times per task. The information is updated in real time and requires no saving or worrying about losing data/ work performed in the app.

While there are a lot of different project management software available from large companies like Microsoft and Intuit, the online app model separates this one from the rest. While I have not personally tried Smartsheet, I know that the foundation it is built on being an online app is part of a current trend in online communication and should be utilized by many companies in the near future.