The design and layout of these renderings were a combined effort of Jay Diran and myself. All of the images except for the students in the classroom were taken from other sources. We were both equally responsible for the rendering effects and concepts behind placement and the room of interest lighting up in each photo. The idea was to show a somewhat ambiguous concept of a new design classroom/ studio for the BTAD program at LWIT. The website used to document our entire project can be viewed here. The first photo shows our concept from the outside on a busy corner. With the essence of the project being to expose the program to the general public as much as possible, the high traffic of a location like this, and big open windows creates more transparency throughout BTAD.


The design pit seen below is a good representation of the core values our group came up with for a comfortable, open studio that encourages collaboration with all cohorts participating in the program. Our group visited offices like Valve and Microsoft to see what approaches top companies in the industry took when designing spaces for creatives.


The faculty offices take a similar approach in that an open office is again used to encourage collaboration between faculty members. The BTAD program has a teaching structure that ties into each and every class equally so we though it was important to once again bring this approach through.


The classrooms are on the top story with the largest window visible. With education and collaboration of students at the heart of a design program like BTAD, we though it was important to highlight and expose what goes on behind the closed doors.