Note: Since the original date this post was published, Starbucks has begun the transition to order and pay on your phone. Making this concept obsolete, read on!

What if Starbucks was your new library experience? With more books being made and bought in a digital medium, it’s hard to see how a library as we currently know it will be around much longer. What is a library really though? The way that Starbucks is using this concept is new and could be seen as useless, but I’m sure many people along with myself would find this an awesome experience.

Starbucks has an architecture strategy to relate the design of it’s stores to the surrounding city it is placed in. Though each may be a little different, the general experience you have on the inside is the same.

Your journey starts when you walk in. Looking at the library walls, you realize just how many drinks there are to choose from. The coffee selection journey ends when you bring the book that corresponds to your coffee to the counter and pay, receive the drink, and leave. The books that you select off of the wall, just like in a public library, are labeled and colored according to coffee type. You could think of this as their own proprietary decimal system.