On my way to work this morning, it dawned on me. Every day, the same fat middle school student is walking down the same side of the same road, holding the same lunch box and wearing the same coat. Which means, I am driving down the same side of the same road, in the same car, also wearing the same coat. Is this really how repetition in life is born. Through us, from our roots of all we know. Which back then is school. Is school really what prepares us for the “real life” by being repetitive and requiring the same from us day in and day out?

So far, I think the answer to the above question is yes. From a very early age, we are required to participate in this part of  being young. In no way am I saying we should not be required to go to school, nor am I proposing a different method to the participation. Really, I’m just looking at this from a 30,000 foot view. If we could create two maps of changes in our daily lives dealing with repeated paths, one as a teenager, and another as a young adult or even old adult, I’m guessing that more often than not they would be about the same. The question I’ll leave this post with is, “do we really need change, duration, and variance in our lives?” We always say, we are tired of doing the same thing over and over again. But maybe we are not.