The Handpicked Company ™ set out to market their marijuana brand to a newly emerging audience. They wanted to seperate themselves from the stigma associated with pot and create a product that was more refined, and appealed to what are commonly known as “soccer moms”. While we were stereotyping the traditional American mom, we were following the mantra that if you can win over the moms, it will change the stigma associated with marijuana usage.

Mothers control $1.6 trillion of direct consumer spending and influence the buying habits of their entire household. – Maria Bailey and Bonnie Ulman, co-authors of “Trillion Dollar Moms

Our Users

Since the term “soccer mom” was a little dated, my fellow designers Cyndi Thompson and Monica Porucznik coined the term, “conscious mom”. Amongst other characteristics of these women, the aspect I focused on for my concepts was the Active Mom. Someone who used pot while they worked out, did yoga, took care of house, ran errands, socialized, etc.

Mood Board


(Top Left) The mom who can run 10 miles at 5am, (Bottom Left) The mom who puts no limits on what she can accomplish, (Bottom Right) The mom who is focused and ready for the day. The typical identities associated with these feelings were bold symbols with ambiguity but powerful hidden meanings, as displayed in the logos of Adidas and Nike. Images from

A New Identity For Marijuana

The three graphics used to brand The Handpicked Company ™ are ambiguous representations of marijuana. The first is a subtle and pure white leaf. The second represents a young, strong leaf with tons of potential. The last is a logo that The Handpicked Company ™ can use to identify  as a marijuana retailer without the stigmas commonly associated with pot culture.


Edibles can make up to 50% or more of sales in recreational marijuana stores. Consistency and dosage is a common issue when consuming pot. By breaking up the edibles (chocolate in this example), into 10mg pieces, the consumer can more accurately dose themselves and prevent the adverse effects from consuming too much.




The finished product was cut out of oil board stock. It has a really nice wax like texture and organic color, and looks great with the foil paper inlaid behind it. The box can be sold as a pack of 12, or opened and sold at the register as individual 10mg pieces. The color shown in the leaf symbol represents the type of chocolate with the 3 common colors in the chocolate design (milk, dark, or flavored).

Process and Prototyping

I took an iterative approach to building the box and packaging for both edibles and a pack of joints. Below are a few photos showing how I prototype the box. Because I had never made a custom box design, I really didn’t know how to measure out the angles so they lined up when folded. Though it took me over a dozen tries to get it right, it was through this repetitive methodology that led me to innovate on the shape and use cycle of the product. I had a good time photographing the process.



Part of the collection of failed prototypes. The process was long and painful to my fingers from cutting through so much card stock, but extremely rewarding and useful after having so many attempts to learn from.


All product photography was taken by me to showcase the prototypes to the remote client. I really enjoyed working on this and look forward to more in the future. You may email me at for inquiries on branding or packaging projects.