Computational Design

I mention “the paper” a couple times here. This is because this post is a response to a paper I wrote for my Computational Design class.

If you view a diagram as a relationship of forces, then you have a diagram of something virtual. I think the most clear diagram you can make in this instance is one that shows the natural forces that create the form.

–          “..If the future is already given in the past, true innovation is impossible.” We base the past and the history it creates on what we can document. Since this is completely physical, we fail to see the underlying forces that have created the history. Maybe history does repeat it’s self thus the future is given. We read how certain events can change the way that underlying forces permeate each other, such as a difference in intensity. (temperature drop creating an ice age) If we fail to see these forces then we have limited ourselves on what we believe could have possibly happened. Which in turn, prevents us from thinking of creation or design in an innovative way.

The noumena is what we are after. Once we can use computational design to experience a phenomena that has never occurred in anyone’s perception, we will have successfully innovated.