I’m in the last quarter of the BTAD program at LWIT here in Kirkland, Washington, my last class: Senior Capstone. On Monday night we discussed the projects we would be working on. One major outcome is the portfolio and self promotion piece that we are all required to make. Though I do already have a portfolio and rather extensive blog, it’s time for a re-design. It’s time for me and everyone else in the BTAD program to put our acquired skills from the past 2 years into play. We’ve spent a lot of time learning and experimenting, designing many things in a variety of challenging courses. We have been tested to look outside the realm of graphic design, and even physically designing at that. We have been forced to think like a designer and in doing so, we now have the necessary skills to design anything. It’s time to design ourselves.

Below are a list of links compiled from bookmarks, Facebook, and Twitter links I’ve collected during the last 2 years. I will be referring to them often, and thought they could be helpful. There are thousands of links like these out there and I could add many more. If you have one or more that should be on this list, comment and add it. Good luck BTAD Cohort 3 designers!

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