Truth is logical and believable also, relative to the person’s perception. Truth is what actually is. What is truth to you may not be truth to me. Your past experiences and views that you have lived by have shaped your perception on what truth is or what actually is. Some people say, “stay true to yourself”. By doing so you may not be willing to change your views and just stay chained up in the “cave”. Though it is understandable that when you exit the cave, what you see does not appear true and actual!

I feel like I see a lot of what I believe to be true on factual data and things that I can physically touch or know to true because there is a visual proof. Something like, “the earth is getting warmer”. I believe this to be true, because of the data being shown/ Ice is melting, fires are getting bigger, and marine life is dying. The other side to this would be something like, “just because there is water on the ground, doesn’t necessarily mean that it just got done raining” or that it was even raining at all!

When it comes to good design, I can only base what I see true off of my personal aesthetic. A personal aesthetic shows what you believe to be important and portrays this in a way that others can see what you’ve made and draw their own conclusions. It may be objectionable whether or not what you have come up with is good design, but good design universal. Meaning that expressing your personal aesthetic in a good design means you cannot only use what you see as true, but must also, “come out of the cave” and explore what else could be actual. Only then will others view it as good design, making it a universal truth.