From left to right, Exotic Hikes, Tyler Savin, Shape Grammar Bookshelf

So why has it been so long since I have updated this blog. I have been busy… This update will be to share the projects I have been working on lately and giving a glimpse as what’s to come. One of the projects in my portfolio,, has requested some rack cards be made. The cards show services that she offers and are made public with the goal of creating support groups. I may post examples of that work but I’m trying to keep the portfolio limited to web and industrial design rather than print. Another project I have been working on is editing some video. Just cutting the beginning and end of the clips to make sure they flow nicely throughout the presentation that they are for.

One of the biggest projects I have completed recently is for a tours and hiking company in Olympia, WA called Exotic Hikes. The website was finished yesterday and I think it looks really nice! It will definitely be added to my portfolio since I think it shows a good example of where my skills in WordPress development are currently.

I have also been working on some personal projects. The first one worth noting is a new site called Sun Fortress. In the Pacific Northwest, it rains for about 10 months strait. We don’t see much sun in that time, so I created a website and Facebook page that is dedicated to appreciating the sun and beautiful photography of it. The idea is that each day, a new picture of the sun is posted. Ultimately the goal is to get viewers to check in every afternoon on their break to see the new photo.

On top of these projects, I have been updating and re-designing the portfolio on this site in order to get it ready for a presentation, in my entrepreneur class. The idea of the project is to tell our stories as designers. Since my website shows what I am interested in as well as a little writing about me, I decided to take this opportunity to update the about me page to describe a little more in detail how I became so obsessed with design and the concepts behind it. So, here’s the new bio page that also shows a picture of me!

Currently I am working on creating a bookshelf that is put together using shape grammars. I will have iterations and notes posted soon. So, there’s a much needed update to this blog. I encourage you to check out the sites and critique them. You can contact me here.