I found a new furniture site called The Joinery that sells some really interesting wood furniture. This particular piece I liked because of the design concepts I was able to find inside of the makeup of the object. The title of this piece is “Reclaimed Bench”. It is made of what look like 4X4 pieces of wood stacked then sliced to give a smooth curve shape on the top. Or is it the bottom?

The main design concept I find in this bench is memory. Each knot and burned piece of wood tells a small or large story of how it got there. It’s image is mark that will forever change the dynamic of how this wood looks. So while this part of memory in the bench was not designed by the designer, I thought it was a good example of how nature can create some really good examples of memory in it’s own design. A forest fire, a branch, a saw, fungus, and animals, all of these things can create memory on a tree. The scars they leave tell us that those forces were there.

Forces is a key word. They create change and without them, change is not possible.