Art class is last in the hierarchy of educational importance. With more large organizations hiring applicants with an MFA versus MBA why are we still taught history every year? Academic inflation has created a need for higher education. Education does not allow someone to be wrong. If you can’t be wrong, you cannot be creative. So we have adopted and used an education system that “educates” out of creativity.

Back to the MFA versus MBA applicants. Last quarter in school I learned the important skill of designing something using the essence and roles of some other object. The other object was always an animal, a fruit, a plant, or some other something inspired from nature. To me it’s no wonder that in a time of designing for sustainability that large companies are also seeing the need, financially and lawfully to become a more sustainable business. To be sustainable, we have to work with nature to create a relationship that is symbiotic. An employee with an MBA would have been further educated out of creative where the MFA may in fact have it written all over them and in many cases have already completed work that was inspired by a natural occurrence.

Either way, as a designer, I see the importance in both skills, business and art. As mentioned in the video above, I believe I have been educated out of creativity prior to my Bachelor’s degree.