Teaching & Seminars

I’m an adjunct faculty member at Lake Washington Institute of Technology, leading students through intro and medium level design courses. I aim to update the material I’m teaching with every quarter as changes happen in the industry. There are several weeks each quarter where I focus on career development and freelance practices.

Intro to Web & Mobile Design

This course teaches the fundamentals of designing websites, mobile content, and graphics for screen-based devices. Topics include navigation, user interaction and user experience, image production and digital color theory, layout techniques, accessibility, contracts and copyright law, and managing project assets.

Managing Creativity

Each student will become familiar with their own strengths and how to utilize them and the strengths within their group. The following skills with also be incorporated: Agile project management, sprint planning, tasks and hours estimating, hours tracking, defining scope of work, and small teams strategies.

Design With Sketch – Coming 2019

This course will replace Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop pre-requisites in order to better prepare students to use Sketch when taking DSGN 153. Symbol libraries, prototyping, and plugin management are explored. The final outcome is a full UI library consisting of common components used in web design.