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Curated YouTube Comments

  • Independent
  • 2018

Comments on public forums like Youtube and social media platforms have become one of the most common ways we communicate with each other. But because they are public, anyone can say anything. Often resulting in…

Digital Business Cards

  • Equity Pad LLC
  • 2018

This service provides Bluetooth beacons that transmit Eddystone URLs through push notifications using the Google Nearby technology. The application side of it is a Progressive Web Application that provides a wizard for creating digital business…

Staypineapple Booking

  • Pineapple Hospitality
  • 2018

Staypineapple is a chain of boutique hotels that is quickly growing and has contracted me a number of times to update and improve the UX and visual experience across their site. In this project we…

Service Desk

  • Microsoft
  • 2017

Service Desk is a Microsoft tool used by their customer service experts to create, manage, and work support cases. Day to day, the tasks are very repetitive and the team at Microsoft saw an opportunity…

Gmail meet Calendar on Android

  • Independent
  • 2018

I use Gmail for personal and freelance work related email on both my PC/Mac and Android device (Pixel 2 XL). I work full time for an employer and we use Outlook which combines our email…

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