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Earthquake Awareness

  • Quakely
  • 2018

Quakely.io sends alerts up to 15 seconds before a major earthquakes reaches the surface. This project was a joint effort by a previous student of mine from APDZ 331 and myself. The topic was a…

Staypineapple Booking

  • Pineapple Hospitality
  • 2018

Staypineapple is a chain of boutique hotels that is quickly growing and has contracted me a number of times to update and improve the UX and visual experience across their site. In this project we…

Service Desk SDK

  • Microsoft
  • 2018

Service Desk SDK is a documentation site used for development of Service Desk. It contains code samples, design samples, and API information. The Service Desk Source Development Kit has traditionally been aimed at developers as…

Service Desk

  • Microsoft
  • 2017

Service Desk is a Microsoft tool used by their customer service experts to create, manage, and work support cases. Day to day, the tasks are very repetitive and the team at Microsoft saw an opportunity…

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